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Dwelling in the Word (Book)




“The idea of dwelling is used all over the Bible.  Sometimes it means to live together.  Sometimes it means to sit.  Sometimes, it means to wait.  People who live or sit or wait together often get to know each other pretty well.  And a good thing about this is, after a time, we may be more likely to understand each other, more likely to consult each other.  We become part of each other’s imagination.

In much the same way, Dwelling in the Word of God as a ritual part of shared life enriches the imagination of many kinds of groups. Dwelling in the Word can be used in groups small and large.  We at CI have watched dwelling take place in every size of group, from Partnership for Missional Church clusters to consultant training to assembly and convention work with hundreds of people.  We hope that after reading this little book that your group will dwell in the Word together, too.

Dwelling in the Word: A Pocket Handbook is a useful guide for incorporating this missional practice into the life and mission of the congregation.